eBay will now authenticate luxury jewelry

More than 45,000 authenticated diamonds and gemstones are currently available.

eBay announced today that it will start certifying the legitimacy of luxury jewelry sold on its platform through its eBay Authenticate program. To coincide with the expansion of its authentication service, eBay is also listing more than 45,000 professionally verified diamonds and gemstones for the holiday season.

The collection of already authenticated jewelry includes items like engagement and wedding rings, loose diamonds and vintage jewelry. The selection is available through eBay's Authentic Jewelry portal, where items listed range in price from $250 to as much as $20,000. According to eBay, all of the pieces come from top-rated sellers on the platform and have been verified by third-party authentication experts.

Jewelry is just the latest department that eBay has added to eBay Authenticate. The service to ensure the veracity of products started last year with handbags and expanded into watches earlier this year. According to eBay, more than 50,000 jewelry items are sold through the site every day, so the category was a logical next step for the program.