‘Ninja Gaiden’ and other NES classics are coming to Switch Online

'Adventures of Lolo' and 'Wario's Woods' are also inbound.

The NES games keep coming as an added incentive to get you to sign up to Nintendo's Switch Online subscription service, aside from online play and cloud saves, of course. A trio of new titles have been announced today: side-scrolling action-platformer Ninja Gaiden, Tetris-style puzzler Wario's Woods (featuring Wario and Toad) and Adventures of Lolo, which bundles together puzzles from the Eggerland series. All three will be available on December 12th and Nintendo is also pledging to bring more NES games to Switch Online in January.

As promised, Nintendo will start shipping its NES wireless controllers next week to those who pre-ordered them back in September. The $60 asking price gets you two meticulously recreated gamepads, which should help you recreate the classic NES gameplay experience, while taking advantage of the online multiplayer perks the new NES ports offer. They're only available to Switch Online subscribers and can be purchased from the official Nintendo website.

If all that nostalgia has piqued your interest, you can grab a Switch Online subscription starting from $3.99 for one month, $7.99 for three months, and $19.99 for 12 months. There's also an annual family plan for up to eight Nintendo accounts that will set you back $34.99.