'Street Fighter V' will display in-game ads starting December 11th

You can turn the promos off, but you'll miss certain content if you do.

Fighting game fans are used to seeing ads in tournaments, but now they're infiltrating the games themselves. Capcom is introducing "sponsored content" to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on December 11th to promote its purchasable bundles, costumes and the Pro Tour. You'll see them on costumes, in certain stages and on pre-fight loading screens. This isn't concerning by itself (many real sports have ads, after all), but Capcom goes out of its way to discourage you from turning the ads off.

While you can switch off ads, you'll lose extra Fight Money and access to sponsored material like costumes. In essence, you'll have to either live with the ads or accept that you won't unlock as much content as your ad-friendly peers. And this wouldn't be such an issue if players hadn't already paid full price for SFV on top of add-on purchases. While Capcom isn't running third-party ads (at least not at this moment), the move could be annoying if you've already spent a lot on the game and would rather not see further sales pitches.