Jaguar's automatic door could make cars more accessible

It should also be helpful for self-driving cars.

Amputees and others with accessibility needs might soon have an easier time hopping into cars. Jaguar Land Rover has created a 'mobility door' that uses a mix of current keyless entry tech and motion sensors to automatically open when you approach. You might only have to swing in when you're ready to drive. You can press buttons both overhead and on the infotainment system to open or close doors, and there's radar to prevent the door from smacking another car or a lamp post.

The company is currently testing the door on a modified Range Rover Sport with athlete and former commando Mark Ormrod (above) giving it a full shakedown.

There's no mention of when this might reach production cars, but it could take the hassle out of entering cars for many people. It could also be helpful for other people, particularly in the long term. You wouldn't have to put something down if your hands are full, much like the foot-activated liftgates on some vehicles. And with self-driving cars, the advantages would be clear. You could hop into an autonomous vehicle without fumbling for an app or worrying that someone else will commandeer your ride.