Microsoft Office app for Windows 10 provides a hub for all your work

You don't have to go to the web to find everything you need.

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Microsoft's revamped portal has apparently been a hit with the productivity crowd (over 40 percent of Office 365 users start there), and now it wants to turn that experience into a native app. It's launching a simply-titled Office app for Windows 10 that serves as a hub for every modern version of Office, whether it's a 365 subscription, the free Office Online suite or offline tools like Office 2016 and Office 2019. Consider it a starting point for the day's work, especially if you regularly use more than one productivity app.

You can start individual apps, of course. However, it'll also help you launch pinned, recent and shared documents. There's also a prominent search tool that can find apps, files, people and sites. You could start the day by tracking down a must-reach contact or the latest revision to a PowerPoint deck, in other words.

The Office app is free (not including the productivity software itself) and will replace My Office if you're an Office 365 user. It's initially reaching Windows Insider members on the Fast ring, but it should reach all Windows 10 users "soon." The software is strictly optional, but it'll come pre-installed on new PCs beginning in the summer -- Microsoft is no doubt hoping to reel in people who might otherwise make a beeline for Google's services.

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