Chrome Canvas lets you doodle right in your browser

Your scribbles will automatically save to your Google account.

Google Chrome

Google recently launched a new web app called Chrome Canvas that allows you to doodle and jot down notes right in your browser. The new tool, which appeared without warning, can be accessed anytime by visiting Your drawings are automatically saved to your Google account so you can access them anywhere (as long as there is an internet connection) and can be downloaded as a PNG file.

As far as drawing tools go, Chrome Canvas is pretty straightforward and free of major bells and whistles. The app allows you to select a pencil, ink pen, marker or chalk as your drawing utensil. As for colors, you can choose from a handful of pre-selected options or pull up the custom menu and select basically any hex color. Of course, there is an eraser to undo any of the mistakes you make while doodling.

Chrome Canvas isn't tied to just Chrome. It can be used in any browser that supports WebAssembly, including Firefox. Drawings can be done with a mouse or touchpad, though you'll probably have better luck with a stylus and a touchscreen. Chrome Canvas isn't Google's first crack at a drawing tool. The company previously released an AR drawing app for mobile devices and a 3D MS Paint-style app to draw in virtual reality. Google Keep, Google's notetaking app, also supports drawing in Chrome and within its mobile apps.