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How to stream New Year's Eve 2019 countdowns

Times Square is just one of your streaming options.

If you'd rather stream New Year's Eve celebrations in North America than venture outside, you'll have plenty of options... including a novelty or two. The most notable example comes from Times Square itself, which will show the New York City ball drop for 2019 in all its glory. However, you can also watch well-known game streamer Ninja play in Times Square using Twitch. You're covered if Fortnite is more to your taste than champagne, in other words.

You can also watch the Times Square festivities from ABC, CNN and NBC through a variety of streaming TV services beyond their respective apps and pages. DirecTV Now, Hulu (with a live TV package), PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YouTube TV can provide your fix.

You'll have more choices if you're not too attached to New York. Disney is streaming the New Year's Eve fireworks at its Magic Kingdom park. USA Today is broadcasting events from the around the world. And Canadians won't go without, either, as the CBC is airing countdowns across the country through its YouTube channel. All told, you won't be hurting for choice if you want something to watch when the clock strikes midnight.