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Arlo's smart security light helps ward off nighttime intruders

You can even spook burglars with Alexa.

Outdoor security cameras are all well and good, but what if you would like to scare intruders away in addition to recording their faces for posterity? Netgear's soon-to-be-stand-alone Arlo brand might have the answer. It just shipped a smart Security Light System that can both illuminate trespassers and switch on the company's cameras. You can tell the lights to change color or flash to be sure everyone knows there's a would-be burglar, and you can even use Alexa to control them without getting out of bed.

The battery-powered light doesn't need wiring and comes with a mounting kit to put it wherever it'll be most effective. It should be available in the US right now, and should be available elsewhere later in 2018. A single light kit will cost you $150, while two- and three- packs are priced at $250 and $350. That's not cheap when it doesn't include a camera, but the expense could pay for itself if crooks suddenly have a change of heart.

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