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Image credit: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

YouTube direct messaging moves from mobile to desktop

Helpful if you've forgotten keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting links.
Dado Ruvic / Reuters

YouTube has been flirting with in-app messaging for a bit on mobile, and now it's finally ready to roll out private video messaging to the web. It looks pretty easy to use too, according to 9to5Google. In the upper righthand corner where your account avatar resides, you'll find a new button sitting between the ones for YouTube apps and notifications. Click it and you'll find a new way to share videos on the platform.

Now, this makes less of an impact on desktop where copy and pasting (or reflexively right-clicking on the player for a timestamp code) is super simple, than it does mobile. But, if you'd rather continue your conversations from a real keyboard than keep picking up your phone, now you have that option.

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