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Tidal's new desktop app makes it easier to find the music you want

It might not convince you to leave Spotify, but it's a start.

Tidal's desktop music app has never been a particularly strong selling point compared to its rivals, but the company might change your mind. It's releasing revamped Mac and Windows apps that promise far simpler home screens that borrow a page from their mobile counterparts. The stripped-down page focuses on new music and exclusive content, your recommendations and favorites from both Tidal's editors and your friends.

The explore section, meanwhile, encourages you to dive deep. On top of new releases, it'll show curated genre and mood spaces, the most popular material, up-and-coming artists and Tidal X events. A reworked search also prioritizes your top results over basic matches.

Will this persuade you to jump to Tidal if you're already a Spotify or Apple Music fan? Probably not. But it might keep you loyal if you're an existing user, or attract those who were already interested in the Jay-Z owned service's numerous exclusives. And given the controversy over Tidal's streaming numbers, this sort of loyalty-boosting move might be more important than ever.

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