Tidal delivers desktop app, refreshed UI and student pricing

Jay Z's music-streaming service, Tidal, relies heavily on bringing exclusive content to subscribers. But it knows more features are needed to complement that. Today, in an effort to make the overall experience better for its users, Tidal is launching desktop apps for both Mac and Windows -- albeit in beta form. There's also an updated user interface on mobile and the web, along with the new applications, which comes with extra personalization options, a simplified menu and improved search results. Ticketmaster support has been added too, letting people view artists' tour dates and purchase concert tickets directly from the music service's website or apps; Spotify does something similar through Songkick.

Better yet, Tidal's introducing a new pricing scheme for students. The plan, scheduled to launch next week, will let anyone with a valid .edu email address get a subscription for half the regular price. Tidal currently offers two tiers: $10 and $20. If you're already a member, though, you can grab the Mac (10.6 and later) or Windows (7 and above) apps from the source link below.

[Image credit: Getty Images]