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Hot Wheels' GoPro toy car captures sweet shots of your lil' stunts

When your kid isn't old enough to record track days.

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How much do you love Hot Wheels? So much that you spend your days wishing you could ride that loop-the-loop yourself? Probably not, but Mattel has your back regardless. It just trotted out a Hot Wheels Zoom In car with a slot designed to accommodate one of GoPro's Hero5 and Session action cameras -- yes, you too can document your plastic track racing with a camera that costs exponentially more than the $1.09 vehicle underneath. If you've ever wanted to combine the thrill of first-person stunts with the fear of trusting an expensive gadget to the whims of physics, your dream machine is here.

Not that we should rain too much on your parade. If you already have a Session and loads of track space, this is a trivial way to experiment with your action cam when you're not busy kayaking or mountain biking. It just makes less sense the other way around. And consider this: if you like the idea of recording a race but don't relish the thought of visiting a real race track, this is still a helluva lot cheaper.

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