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Watch Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 event tomorrow at 11AM ET

It's probably not the only device in store.

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Samsung is once again ready to unveil the latest version of its other flagship phone line, the Galaxy Note, and it's making sure everyone can tune in. The company is livestreaming the Galaxy Note 9 launch event on its main website (and most likely the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel) on August 9th at 11AM Eastern. Of course, you can also follow along with our liveblog to beat the video delay and get some extra insights.

Thanks to leaks from Samsung itself, there's very little mystery as to what the star of the show will involve -- the Note 9 will pack a smarter S Pen, a bigger battery and a 512GB model, not to mention the usual round of software updates to make better use of stylus input. There's likely more than just the phone, for that matter. Samsung has not-so-subtly hinted at the Galaxy Watch arriving around the same time, not to mention a dual-device charger that could top up both your phone and the Galaxy Watch at the same time.

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