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Chris Pine wants to reclaim Scotland in Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’

The film will be released in November.

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Netflix released a trailer today for its historical film Outlaw King. Starring Chris Pine, the film tells the story of Robert the Bruce and his effort to reclaim control of Scotland from the King of England. In the trailer, we see Robert the Bruce in hiding after being declared an outlaw and his family being questioned and brutalized by those attempting to hunt him down. "I'm done with running and I'm sick of hiding," we hear him say. What follows is a series of scenes showing Robert the Bruce building his following and fighting back against "the strongest army in the world."

Outlaw King will be released in select theaters November 9th as well as on Netflix, and the theatrical release could mean that the company has its eye on some awards. The Academy Awards and some film festivals require a theatrical run in order to be considered for awards and in the past, Netflix has used short, limited releases to fulfill those requirements. Some directors, including Alfonso Cuarón and Paul Greengrass are reportedly pushing for more significant theatrical runs of their upcoming Netflix films, however. The streaming giant received eight Oscar nominations this year, winning one for the documentary Icarus.

Outlaw King also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass, Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth). It will screen at both the Toronto International Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, as will a number of other Netflix releases, including Cuarón's film Roma.

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