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Watch Apple's 2018 iPhone event in 12 minutes

The new Apple Watch makes an appearance too.
Nicole Lee, @nicole
09.12.18 in Mobile

Apple's annual iPhone event has come and gone, and yes, indeed, the company announced new iPhones. They are the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, the latter of which has a supersize display of 6.5 inches across. Both of these are priced over $1,000 and promise to be the company's "most advanced" iPhones yet (but of course). Interestingly, Apple also unveiled the more budget-friendly iPhone Xr (though, if we're honest, it's not that cheap at all, at $750), which has lower specs but is available in a wider variety of colors. Watch enthusiasts, Apple hasn't forgotten you either, as there's also a brand-new Apple Watch Series 4, which promises to be make you even healthier than ever.

Follow all the latest news from Apple's 2018 iPhone event here!

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