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AMC’s A-List subscription service now supports Fandango and Atom

The MoviePass rival is offering users more convenience.

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NicolasMcComber via Getty Images

AMC is making it even easier for you to use the Stubs A-List subscription program, as members will now be able to get movie tickets through Fandango and Atom Tickets. The company launched A-List, its answer to MoviePass, in June, and though the three-movies-per-week plan cost more than what MoviePass was offering at the time -- one movie per day for $10 per month -- it also featured a few perks that MoviePass lacked, such as IMAX and 3D showings, repeat viewings and booking in advance.

Now, subscribers to the $20-per-month program can snag tickets through third-party apps. Users will just need to plug in their A-List membership number during checkout and that viewing will count against their limit of three movies per week. Ticketing fees are waived and users can also purchase tickets for guests at the same time.

"The guest feedback and membership sign-up rate have far exceeded our expectations, but we're constantly looking for ways to provide more opportunities for guest value through A-List," AMC Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Colanero said in a statement. "Expanding the online ticketing availability of AMC Stubs A-List to include our great partners at Fandango and Atom Tickets is keeping with our mission of providing our loyal guests with as much convenience and flexibility as possible."

Since AMC launched A-List, MoviePass' money troubles have led the company to significantly alter its subscription plans. Users are now limited to just three movies per month and only a small selection of films are available for viewing on any given day.

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