MoviePass forces annual subscribers to its new three-movie plan early

It initially said annual subscribers would be exempt until renewal.

Earlier this month, MoviePass announced that its customers, previously allowed to see one movie per day, would be limited to just three per month. At the time, the company said that the change wouldn't affect annual subscribers until their plan renewed. But it looks like MoviePass has changed its mind yet again, and probably to nobody's surprise. The company began circulating an email today notifying annual plan subscribers that they too will be limited to just three film showings per month.

"As of today, aligned with Section 2.4 of our Terms of Use, your annual subscription plan will now allow you to see three movies a month instead of the previous unlimited offering, and you'll receive up to a $5 discount on any additional movie tickets purchased," the email said. "This is the current standard plan now in effect for all current and new subscribers." And because the move is retroactive for the current monthly period, which varies by customer, some users will find that they've already seen their three movies once they receive the notification email. The company claims it "intends" to expand its offering of blockbuster and independent films in light of the plan adjustments.

Annual subscribers can opt out of this change and cancel their subscriptions for a prorated refund, though they only have until the end of the month to make that decision. To get the prorated refund, users have to cancel through the link in the notification email. If you cancel, however, you can't sign up again for nine months. Some are reporting on Twitter that the cancellation process isn't working for them though.

To keep track of where your monthly limit stands, head to "Account" in the app and tap "Account Details." There you'll see how many showings you have remaining and when that limit resets. Discounts for additional tickets will vary depending on location and movie title.

This is just the latest change from a company that can't seem to decide how it should deal with its ever-growing money issues. Earlier this month, it began limiting users to just a few movie options per day.

Update 7:25PM: This article was updated to reflect that annual subscribers need to cancel their subscriptions through the link in the notification email in order to receive the prorated refund.