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'Alto's Adventure' arrives on Mac for $10

The classic endless runner is at last available in the Mac App Store.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
09.24.18 in AV

If you're a fan of Alto's Adventure, you might be pleased to know you can at long last play the revered endless runner on Mac. It's available on the redesigned Mac App Store for $10. Alto's Adventure debuted on iOS in 2015, so it's taken quite some time to reach macOS. The game's also available on Android, Kindle Fire, Android and Linux.

You play as Alto, a snowboarder making his way across procedurally generated landscapes, using a one-button control system that lets him jump and pull off mid-air tricks. A sequel called Alto's Odyssey arrived this year, and developer Snowman says there's a decent chance the follow-up may arrive on macOS too.

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