'Alto's Adventure' zen mode is built to help you relax

The endless snowboarding game just took the pressure off.

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Alto's Adventure is already something of a tranquil experience between its endless snowboarding and beautiful pastoral landscapes, but developer Snowman wants go even further. It's introducing a "zen mode" to Alto that removes scores and lets you continue from wherever you crashed -- all you have to do is enjoy the experience. There's also a more relaxing soundtrack in this mode, and you'll even get a photo tool that lets you zoom in and peek behind foreground objects that might clutter the scene.

The update will arrive on June 2nd for all iOS users. As for Android? That's coming "soon," Snowman promises. Alto might not be your first choice for a chillout session (a soothing album and a quiet room would be my pick), but this should help for those moments when you're more interested in tuning out than beating your previous run.

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