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3D-printed gun advocate Cody Wilson resigns from Defense Distributed

The company will continue shipping its designs.

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Stringer . / Reuters

Cody Wilson, the man behind the 3D-printed gun company Defense Distributed, has stepped down as CEO of the company. Paloma Heindorff, who has taken over as the chief executive, said in a press conference today that it was Wilson's decision to resign and he would no longer have any role at the company.

Wilson was charged with sexual assault in Texas last week for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old girl. He was subsequently arrested in Taiwan and deported to the US. Meanwhile, Defense Distributed has been embroiled in a long-term legal battle over whether it can sell its 3D gun designs online. A number of state attorneys general are seeking to block the company's ability to do so, but while a judge issued a ban on the designs' online distribution, the company has continued to sell the designs through what appears to a loophole in the judgement.

Heindorff said repeatedly during the press conference that she was proud of her team and the work the company was doing. She also said that Defense Distributed had no intention of halting its design shipments.

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