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Epic removes 'overpowered' Infinity Blade from 'Fortnite'

The developer says it messed up with the mythic weapon.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
12.14.18 in AV

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Epic Games

Fortnite fans got a taste of the game's mythic items this week with the Infinity Blade (as in Epic's games of the same name). Only one such sword was available in a match, and the player who wielded it received a health and shield boost, HP regeneration, faster movement, immense damage-dealing potential and the ability to smash through buildings in no time at all. Or at least they used to have all that power, because Epic admitted it "messed up" with the overpowered weapon and has already shuttled the Infinity Blade into Fortnite's vault.

The trouble is the Infinity Blade was way too strong, which meant the game just wasn't as fun if you were on the receiving end of it. Many players hated the sword, and Epic responded by yanking it from the ultra-popular game in short order.

Just yesterday, Epic said it was planning changes for the Infinity Blade in an upcoming Fortnite patch, but it seems to have changed course after removing the weapon entirely. It's rethinking its approach to mythic items, and had promised more details next week over "our competitive philosophy when it comes to new items, updates and seasons."

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