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Bethesda says sorry to 'Fallout 76' players with free games

Everyone who played in 2018 gets the 'Fallout Classic Collection.'
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
12.22.18 in AV

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Bethesda is continuing its apology tour of sorts for Fallout 76's rough state on launch, and this time you don't need to have spent a lot to receive compensation. The developer is promising a free copy of Fallout Classics Collection (1, 2 and Tactics) on PC for everyone who has logged into the full Fallout 76 in 2018, whether they played on a computer or console. You should have access to your freebie in early January, Bethesda said.

This won't overcome Fallout 76's ongoing problems, including connection issues and a lack of computer-controlled characters. However, it is an acknowledgment that the shared-world game fell short of expectations for many players, and that the company's handling of the situation left something to be desired. The question now is whether or not Bethesda can address the quality of the game in the long run.

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