Queen guitarist Brian May wrote a song for NASA's historic flyby

Who wants to fly forever?

Queen guitarist Brian May hasn't been shy about his fondness for astronomy (he does have a doctorate in astrophysics), and he's making that patently clear as 2019 kicks off. The artist has written a song to mark NASA's historic flypast of Ultima Thule, appropriately titled "New Horizons (Ultima Thule Mix)." As he explained in a presentation, the tune is an "anthem to the human endeavor" -- it pays tribute to our species' insatiable curiosity about the universe.

The song itself won't surprise you. It's exactly the kind of epic you'd expect from the man who wrote "Who Wants To Live Forever?" and "We Will Rock You," complete with soaring guitars and dramatic lyrics. And you might want to watch the music video even if the track isn't to your tastes, since it provides a good summary of New Horizons' flight path as it completed the farthest flyby to date. It's not a whole album, but it'll certainly do the trick if you want to be inspired by the latest achievements in spaceflight.