HP made a massive gaming screen with G-SYNC Ultimate and a soundbar

The Omen X Emperium is 65 inches of smooth graphics goodness.

How big is too big a canvas for your fragging sprees? If you love watching your enemies get destroyed on a giant TV, you might appreciate HP's latest gaming display. The Omen X Emperium 65 is a massive 4K screen born from NVIDIA's BFG Display initiative announced at last year's CES. That means it basically comes with a Shield TV built-in, along with the company's newly rebranded G-SYNC Ultimate to synchronize the display's refresh rate to your game. It maxes out at 144Hz, and also supports HDR.

The Emperium 65 also packs its own soundbar, which comes with a low frequency array, vibration reduction tech and a three-way stereo crossover system. Altogether, those features "negate the need for a separate subwoofer," according to HP.

There's also a nifty light sensor on the back to activate the LEDs when it detects that you're fumbling around looking for the ports. It'll brighten up the sockets, but also the symbols that indicate which is, so you can more easily hook up your dream system even if you're doing so in a dark corner.

The OMEN X Emperium 65 with Soundbar sounds like a dream screen for the gamer looking for the best large TV for their console. Not surprisingly, it comes with a similarly massive price tag of $4,999 (to start), when it becomes available in February.

Update: NVIDIA has just rebranded G-SYNC HDR to G-SYNC Ultimate, and we've updated the post with that and some additional information on the display's specifications.