KitchenAid's Smart Display is a tablet that fears no faucet

Its Google Assistant feature can even help order your missing ingredients.

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Andrew Tarantola
January 6th, 2019
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Home cooks won't have to worry about wrecking their kitchen tablets with sticky fingers or splashes from the sink anymore, now that KitchenAid unveiled its new Smart Display at CES 2019.

Designed specifically for use when cooking and baking, the Smart Display offers voice and visual meal planning powered by Yummly, along with step-by-step video instructions hosted by some of the world's top chefs.

The device also incorporates Google Assistant functionality, enabling you to search the web for recipes, make shopping lists and order ingredients directly from Google Express. You'll also be able to stream music or movies while you work, as well as voice control any Assistant-compatible smart home gadgets that you may own. Best of all, the 10-inch display carries a water resistance rating of IPX-5, meaning that you can hose it off without any adverse effects, though you'll want to avoid dunking it in the sink.

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