Kohler's Alexa-enabled Sensate kitchen faucet quenches thirst on command

"Alexa, pour me some water."

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James Trew
January 7th, 2019
Kohler's Alexa-enabled Sensate kitchen faucet quenches thirst on command

In 2019, more than ever, we're expecting to see Alexa in everything. The Sensate faucet from Kohler is the latest example of where Amazon's voice assistant can find another home. To be fair, while a voice-activated microwave seems less than useful, a faucet (and the water that comes with it) seems at least a somewhat sensible application of hands-free technology.

The Sensate line isn't new. The first "smart" faucet in the line came out in 2013, offering simple hands-free control through proximity sensors. This Alexa-enabled model was previewed last year, but details were sparse. Now at least, we know a little more (including a release window, which is Q1 this year).

Sensate Smart faucet

So, what can a smart tap do? Of course, the primary feature is the ability to dispense water on command, even in specific amounts ("Alexa, pour me 8oz of water"). This might seem a little lazy when quenching thirst, but for recipes etc., it's more practical. As you would imagine, the Sensate line will also be able to monitor your water usage and still includes the hands-free controls (without Alexa) from before. There's no word on price right now, but if you were eyeing up the company's Konnect suite already, this could be a worthy addition.

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