TP-Link's newest WiFi 6 routers include its first mesh-ready model

The Deco X10 can blanket your home with multi-gigabit speeds.

TP-Link is ready to come out swinging now that the high-speed WiFi 6 standard is here in earnest. The company is expanding on its recent introduction of two high-end routers (the Archer AX11000 and AX6000) with three more devices that include its first WiFi 6-capable mesh router, the Deco X10. The seemingly timid-looking cylinder can dish out speeds up to 1.95Gbps across its three bands, ensuring that you get a cutting-edge connection whether you're in the den or the bedroom. It'll arrive in the third quarter of the year and cost $350 for a two-pack.

The Archer AX1800 (below), meanwhile, is aimed squarely at people who want WiFi 6 on a relative budget and don't mind having 'just' 1.8Gbps to play with. It'll ship in the third quarter for $130. It'll be joined by the $100 RE705X, a similarly speedy range extender that can fill in coverage gaps when you don't care for a mesh network.

And if you don't need WiFi 6 speeds, there's one more option sitting on the table. TP-Link is launching a dual-band OneMesh RE300 extender that offers dual-band WiFi 5 (aka 802.11ac) to people who have an Archer A7 or C7 router with mesh-friendly firmware installed. At $50, it might do the job if you're not in a rush to improve raw performance. It should arrive sometime in April.

TP-Link Archer AX1800 WiFi 6 router