Walnut wants to make shared electric skateboards happen

The Spectra X model is closer to Airbnb than Bird, though.

Engadget (Engadget)

Shared bikes, shared scooters -- now Hong Kong-based Walnut Technology wants to jump on the trend with shared electric skateboards.

Its latest model, the Spectra X, is more Airbnb than Bird though. Instead of picking up and dropping the boards off anywhere, Walnut allows individual owners of their skateboards to rent them out through an app. Those looking for a ride can search for the nearest skateboard, initiate a conversation with the owner and pay them for the rental through the app.

Seen for the first time at CES, Spectra X is yet to launch, but will likely arrive in China in March, according to a representative. It will be waterproof and comes with a replaceable and rechargeable battery. While the spokesperson says the Spectra X's range is currently unclear, the Spectra Silver -- the company's highest end board at $1,399 -- goes for 25-30 km (16-19 miles) on a charge. The Silver was released in 2017, has a maximum speed of 35 km/h (22 mph) and can be controlled by pressing on your front or back foot, as well as with a remote or app.

Walnut Technology's Spectra Silver