Watch Samsung's CES 2019 press conference in 8 minutes

Come for the 8K TV, stay for the health-checking robot.

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Richard Lawler
January 7, 2019 8:50 PM
Watch Samsung's CES 2019 press conference in 8 minutes

This year at CES Samsung celebrated 50 years in the electronics business, and seemed intent on blowing things out with a combination of smart home products, AI and 5G. Besides taking a victory lap over its advances in next-gen wireless, the company showed off how AI and machine learning could touch nearly all of the many products it makes. Everything from washing machines to its Smart Hub refrigerator, or a connected car has had a touch of Bixby AI applied, and it plans to do more with the technology going forward.

Samsung also highlighted its deal with Apple snagging an iTunes Movies and TV app for its TVs, along with AirPlay 2 support. The company said sales of TVs over 75-inches are exploding, and that's part of the reason why it introduced a massive 98-inch 8K set with HDMI 2.1 onboard, plus new expansions of its Wall TV that can reach sizes of 219-inches.

Samsung closed out the show by giving its first demo of a new robotics project. The Samsung Bot Care trundled around and gave quick checkups, but it's only one of the robotic assists Samsung is working on. Its plans for AI and smart devices have a long way to go, and what it showed is supposed to only be a preview of what we should expect for its next 50 years.

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Watch Samsung's CES 2019 press conference in 8 minutes