Samsung’s Bot Care aims to help users manage their health

It can take vitals and track sleep cycles.

Whether it's your digital health or your physical wellbeing, tech companies want to be involved, and Samsung is no different. Today, at CES, the company showed off some of the ways it's looking to use its AI technology in the "future of connected living," and one of its platforms is focused on users' health. Samsung Bot Care aims to assist users in their daily health routines and Samsung's Yoon Lee demonstrated what the platform has to offer.

In its quick demonstration, Samsung brought out a cute little robot with a Google Home Hub-ish face, and the bot instructed Yoon to place his finger on a sensor below the screen. It then took his vitals and read back both his blood pressure and heart rate, noting that both were within normal levels. Yoon and AI head Gary Lee also said the robot could monitor sleep cycles, call emergency services and offer music therapy to manage stress. It can also track medication intake, offer exercise guidance and give daily health briefings.

Samsung has developed health-related products in the past, including an app to aid Alzheimer's patients and, through its C-Lab initiative, an app to help the visually impaired and a device for those with lung issues that facilitates breathing exercises.