Here's ride-hailing app focuses on shared rides

Group planning and shared rides are par for the course.

Most ride hailing apps are strictly focused on getting you from A to B. That's rather important, but they don't really acknowledge why you're going out -- you're heading to a party, a business meeting, a family get-together. Here Mobility thinks it can add that social element with its SoMo app. At its heart, it's a multi-service hailing app with group planning. You can create one-time or recurring events, invite people and help them find the best way to get around, whether it's a ridesharing car, a taxi or the bus.

SoMo can also specify that you're sharing a ride with other people. That won't matter much to the services themselves, but it could be handy if you want to reassure friends that everyone will arrive on time. You also don't need to use it for hailing rides in the first place. The app can double as a conventional navigation app, complete with traffic updates. The main additions are support for routes with pickup and dropoff points as well as automatic location sharing.

The app is available on Android and iOS in English, French, German, Portugese and Spanish. It probably won't usurp individual service apps or a handful of mixed-transportation apps like Transit. With that in mind, it could make a lot of sense if you frequently travel around town with a close-knit social circle.