Kangaroo expands its line of affordable smart home security sensors

Beefy home security for an accessible price.

Smart home security is gaining traction, but it generally still comes at a price. Last year, however, startup company Kangaroo entered the market with its system of $30 peel-and-stick motion sensors and low-cost monitoring plans, designed to make security simple, accessible and affordable. Now, it's launching five new equally-affordable products to expand its repertoire and help its users take advantage of even beefier security.

The line-up includes and new two-piece motion and entry sensor ($30) which sends an instant alert to your phone when someone passes through a door or window, indoor and outdoor cameras (prices to be confirmed), a climate and humidity sensor ($30), and a smoke alarm and CO2 sensor ($30). Also on the agenda for release early this year is a siren and keypad ($60-$70) -- an audible alarm that works with existing Kangaroo sensors, and is manually armed and disarmed via unique user PIN codes, so you'll be able to track who's coming and going. The new offerings are slated for release in the first half of 2019, and will be compatible with Kangaroo's app (on iOS and Android) and existing kit.