Sleepace has a sleep tracker for newborn babies

The mat will analyze breathing and motion, sounding an alarm if it detects neither for 20 seconds.

In the mind of any parent is the nagging worry about conditions like SIDS, but you can't be watching your rugrat 24/7. That's why there's been an explosion in devices that can monitor your newborn as they sleep and alert you if, for instance, it fails to detect breathing. Sleepace is joining the line this year with its new sensor, the Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies.

Sitting below your kid's mattress, the sensor pad will monitor heart and respiratory rate as well as body movement. If it can't detect breathing for more than 20 seconds, then an alarm will sound, letting parents get to their kids in time to, hopefully, avert a catastrophe. The company adds that the mat is waterproof and has been designed to measure "baby-specific" sleep.

There's no word -- yet -- on how much this unit will cost, but Sleepace has said that it'll look to release it at some point in March.