LG's Laser 4K doesn't need a lot of space for a big picture

The cramped show floor is a good place to show off how this projector operates.

LG isn't the first company bringing a 4K short-throw projector to CES and it inevitable will not be the last. What the company claims, however, is that with its subtle design and AI-powered voice control the CineBeam Laser 4K could realistically blend into a living room until you suddenly feel the need to watch a 90- or 120-inch display. Sure, you could always get a hideaway rolling OLED screen to do the same job, but even without revealing the price I'm going to assume this will be a cheaper option.

We got a quick peek at the projector in a demo booth here on the CES show floor and it performs as promised, tossing up a fairly sharp picture without dominating a room. The framed setup shown above gives an idea of the scale it can provide at short distances -- now we need to know if it's an affordable option or just another $10,000 dream device.

Laser 4K