DJI built a drone remote with an HD display

It's your best bet if you'd rather not use your phone.

To date, steering one of DJI's more accessible drones has usually meant using your smartphone as a screen. You now have a better option -- DJI has released a Smart Controller with its own 5.5-inch display. The remote gives you both more tactile flight controls as well as a view of what the drone sees in 1080p. It might be a better choice if you regularly fly under bright sunlight, too, thanks to a 1,000cd/m2 screen brightness that should remain visible outdoors.

The Smart Controller is available now and works with newer DJI drones, including the Mavic 2 family. There's just one obstacle: the price. At $649, it costs roughly half as much as a Mavic 2 Zoom and nearly as much as a reasonably high-end smartphone. This makes the most sense if you're an enthusiast or make a living from your aerial footage. There will be Mavic 2 bundles that could make the remote more palatable, but you might want to stick to your phone you aren't quite that dedicated.