Key by Amazon is not just about deliveries

We talk to Key's general manager about all of its CES announcements.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|01.09.19

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Nicole Lee
January 9th, 2019
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When Amazon Key first debuted, its primary pitch was as a solution for porch piracy. Despite the initial queasiness of letting random delivery people in your home, the service appears to have caught on, so much so that the company has since expanded the Key functionality to cars and garages too. Now, at CES, Amazon has rebranded Key to "Key by Amazon" instead, and is reimagining it more as an overall platform for building entry access. It partnered with Schlage to unveil the Encode, the first WiFi-equipped deadbolt that supports Key by Amazon, and it's going to start allowing access to businesses and apartment buildings too. I sat down with Key general manager Rohit Shrivastava on the Engadget stage to discuss all of these new announcements and more, and you can check that out in the video above.

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