Amazon's Key delivery service is coming to businesses

The company wants to make packages left on porches a thing of the past.

Amazon first introduced Key because porch piracy is a thing, but many folks were shocked with a system that would let couriers enter into their homes when they were out. Amazon has slowly reduced those fears by bringing in new smart lock manufacturers like Schlage and beefing up security. As we roll into 2019, Amazon is now expanding the service (renamed to Key by Amazon) with garage entry, smart doorbell support and the latest feature, Key for Business.

That feature lets businesses and high-rise apartment dwellers give Amazon drivers access via custom door entry codes. It will allow them to enter without bothering residents or managers, but still let them monitor driver entries and delivery hours. It works with most building access systems from properties owned by WinnCompanies, Avalon, Kettler, and others, Amazon said.

All of the new features introduced at CES 2019 will make Key by Amazon workable in many more situations, and not just for deliveries. Amazon and Schlage introduced a WiFi-enabled smart lock that will not only enable Key courier access, but let homeowners monitor renters, dog-walkers and others.

If you're fine with letter couriers come into your garage but not your home, Key for Garage can now handle that. And Ring integration gives Key users a way to verify the identity of a delivery person or anyone else before letting them in. Finally, Key for Business is a less techie but equally effective way to grant couriers access via entry codes, to the benefit of condo or business owners. Amazon's end goal, of course, is to sell you more stuff, but at least you can use many of the gadgets for other things, too.