Spotify on the importance of podcasts, personalization and partnerships

Getting the right content at the right time is harder than you'd expect.

AI plays a huge role in how Spotify delivers personalized playlists to users, so it's somewhat fitting that the company's new partnership with Microsoft is focused on messages about how AI can impact all aspects of life -- including education, healthcare and philanthropy. Those messages are going to be showing up in the Discover Weekly playlist for free users, the first time that Spotify has lets brands have full customization and control over advertising in that feed.

We talked with Spotify's Danielle Lee, VP and Global Head of Partner Solutions, about how the company uses AI to power its personalized content, how it can apply that in the future to things like video and podcasts and how the company can offer branding options for Discover Weekly while keeping things relevant to listeners. We also chatted about Spotify's new original podcast with journalist Jemele Hill.