CES 2019: In pictures

Between the TVs and the self-driving cars.

We're wrapping up our reportage from this week's Vegas showcase. According to CES organizers, roughly 180,000 attendees hit the halls. In the thick of it all was photographer Will Lipman and our team of editors. Here, we try to capture some of the coolest highlights, some of the spectacle, and none of the queueing, toilet searching and taxi flagging.


Google dominated the lot outside the Las Vegas convention center. It was so involved that it had its own theme park ride.


UBTECH's Walker is an attempt to create the robot butler of our future.

CES 2019

Features Editor Aaron Souppouris hunts down exhibitor booths.

impossible burger ces

Impossible Burgers were being served up for free outside the CES halls. No meat, but still tasting like a burger.

CES Arch

The CES Grand Lobby, before the madness starts.


CES 2019 ran for three days, if you don't count the press day. Or all the very early briefings, embargoes and phone-calls that happen just before that.

ces mercedes

Cars have slowly taken over CES, but companies don't just bring any old vehicle. They make sure to breakout their most advanced self-driving cars and most ridiculous looking concepts for the show.

CES 2019

BotBoxer didn't punch back, thankfully. But it didn't stop one of our editors hurting himself.


Video producer Briah Oh makes one last check inside Engadget's CES trailer, right on the lot.

Believe it or not, one of the most popular attractions on the show floor was some freshly baked bread. Alright, it was really the robot that baked the bread, but still.

ces flexpai royole

The first bendable phone made a splash at CES, even if it was announced by Royole months before.

Best of CES 2019

A pretty good crowd assembled to see the awards being handed out live.


Editor-in-Chief Dana Wollman and Managing Editor Terrence O'Brien loosen up before the Best of CES Awards show.


Yep, the plant-based Impossible Burger 2.0 snagged the Best of the Best honors at CES this year.


The Engadget team celebrates the end of a long week on their CES live stage.

Sleeping on the floor

When you're at CES you have to catch your rest whenever possible. Even if that means taking a quick doze on the showroom floor.


The eternal struggle: trying to get out of the convention center when everyone else has the same idea.