LG smartphone rumor suggests a 'second screen' add-on

Not that unusual for a company that sells a rollable TV.

Samsung has already teased its future of "Infinity Flex" foldable devices that blur the line between phone and tablet, and while we'd heard LG would show off something similar at CES last week, it didn't. Now CNET cites anonymous sources indicating that we'll see a new mobile device from LG at Mobile World Congress 2019 that supports an optional "second screen" attachment, described as a sort of case with a screen.

That could give it extra display area rivaling devices like Samsung and Royole, and as Google has already committed to supporting Android devices with changing screen sizes, we'd expect to see more companies give it a try. The odd configuration could also explain some of the recent trademarks that surfaced from LG including Foldi and Duplex.

CNET isn't clear on whether or not this adjustable device will be the mainstream G8 device, or perhaps a separate device like LG's previous G Flex series, but it will be something to keep an eye on as MWC's opening approaches on February 25th. We're expecting to hear more about Samsung's flexible plans and the Galaxy S10 on February 20th, and we wouldn't be surprised if LG also makes a pre-show splash with new mobile hardware.