Sling TV adds personalized recommendations, starting on Apple TV

You'll see live and on-demand picks.

Sling TV is introducing an arguably overdue feature for insatiable viewers: personalized recommendations. As of January 17th, Apple TV users will receive custom-tailored suggestions for live and on-demand programs, whether it's a channel, a movie or a sports match. You can find it in the My TV section in a carousel alongside favorites.

The show advice will be coming to other devices "in the future," and there are plans for both improved recommendations as well as more personalization going forward. The addition isn't a shock when rivals like YouTube TV have had recommendations, but it'll be a bit help if you like Sling TV's experience. If there's a catch, it's that there aren't user profiles. As TechCrunch pointed out, you have to share recommendations with everyone using your account -- you might see a hodgepodge of programming picks if your whole family tunes in.