Showtime offers a peek at Desus and Mero's talk show

The podcasters' late-night show premieres February 21st.

How will podcasters Desus and Mero handle a late-night talk show on Showtime? You now have a slightly better idea. Showtime has posted a teaser for Desus & Mero that has the duo shopping for set decorations ahead of their February 21st premiere. It's very much in the spirit of their earlier work, with the rapid-fire riffing and irreverence you'd hope for -- this isn't going to be some quiet, restrained discussion of the day's affairs.

This isn't a radical departure for Desus and Mero (who've offered a late-night show on Viceland), and the premiere won't stop them from running the Bodega Boys podcast. However, it does demonstrate how major media outlets are still enamored with podcasters and their potential for broader commercial success. That's not shocking -- it's an opportunity to snap up proven shows and talent without having to spring for lavish productions and superstars.