Recommended Reading: What happens to your brain when you quit Facebook?

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This is your brain off Facebook
Benedict Carey,
The New York Times

The decision to quit Facebook is all the rage these days, especially following an ever-growing number of data and privacy revelations. The New York Times offers a detailed look at a study from New York University and Stanford that found Facebook users generally felt better after quitting the social network, and those who came back used it less. There are always caveats, of course, but the findings lend some credibility to the idea that health benefits accompany the "Delete Facebook" craze.

Welcome to the New Apocalypse
Megan Garber,
The Atlantic

A compelling read on the tragedy and the apocalyptic narratives that drive so much of current pop culture, and even comedy -- things like Bird Box, The Handmaid's Tale, and The Good Place. And all of this discussion through the lens of the British literary theorist Frank Kermode.

The inescapable aura of Maggie Rogers
Lindsay Zoladz,
The Ringer

Rogers' major-label debut, Heard It In a Past Life, is only a week old, but it's already blowing up the charts. If you haven't yet listened to the incredible songs from the 24-year-old, allow The Ringer to provide an introduction.