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Audible has a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' experience on Alexa

The childhood classic gets a high-tech upgrade.

If you have fond memories of those choose-your-own-adventure books as a child, well, you can now enjoy them in audio form. Audible has partnered with ChooseCo, the company behind those aforementioned publications, to create an Alexa Skill called Choose Your Own Adventure: An Immersive Audible Experience that will transform those childhood classics into professional audio and voice performances.

To start, simply say "Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure from Audible" to enable the skill on your Echo device. Since it's considered a skill for kids, you'll be prompted to provide permission for it. You'll then be instructed to choose between two titles: the Abominable Snowman or Journey Under the Sea.

After that, Audible will launch into the book, prompting dramatic music to play, and the prologue to begin. When it's time to make a decision, the familiar Alexa prompt will beep. Choose one of the presented options, and the story will carry on until you survive, or until you meet your demise. You can also easily go back if you feel like you made the wrong decision.

This isn't the first choose-your-own-adventure style story on Alexa. There have been other experiences before, like The Magic Door and Westworld: The Maze, but these have been more like games and riddles rather than simply choosing one path over another. Plus, this new experience is actually from the official Choose Your Own Adventure publishers.

The new Alexa skill will work with any Echo and Alexa-enabled smart speaker starting today.