Polestar will reveal its first all-electric car on February 27th

The Polestar 2 is expected to compete directly with Tesla's Model 3.

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Polestar was hyping up its first all-electric car even before its first car of any kind was ready, but now it's finally prepared to show its hand. The company has announced that it's revealing the Polestar 2 through a live online event on February 27th at 7AM Eastern. Sorry, that means no in-person looks -- it's ostensibly to "eliminate the environmental impact" of flying people in from all over the planet, which wouldn't jive with a car that's all about eco-friendliness.

You might have some idea of what to expect. Polestar has already positioned the 2 as a relatively accessible EV that would compete with Tesla's Model 3 on price (around $39,000 to $65,000) while potentially outperforming it with a 350-mile base range. It might share something in common with Volvo's angular but relatively conservative-looking 40.2 concept. If there's anything radical, it might be on the inside -- Polestar has confirmed that the 2 will use a Google-powered infotainment system.

Whatever happens, the Polestar 2 is likely to represent a litmus test for both Polestar itself and Volvo. The future of both brands revolves around electric cars -- if the 2 proves successful, that bodes well for their long-term plans. It could also raise pressure on Tesla, VW and other automakers who want EVs to become mainstream in the next several years.

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