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Alphabet's Verily is opening an opioid addiction center in Ohio

It's betting that technology and recovery can go hand in hand.

Alphabet's health data company Verily is mainly known for its devices, but now it's tackling one of the larger problems in the US through facilities. The company is teaming up with Kettering Health Network, Premier Health and Alexandria Real Estate Equities to establish OneFifteen, a "tech-enabled" campus in Dayton, Ohio that will help address opioid addictions. It'll include clinical services, housing for recovering patients and mixed-purpose buildings to help both patients and the local community, with Verily's technical know-how helping to "continually evolve" treatment.

OneFifteen will be ready for treatment in spring 2019, with leadership from former University Hospital chief Marti Taylor.

The company is aware that it isn't about to waltz in and offer an immediate solution to the opioid crisis. This will require a "deep commitment" from everyone involved, Verily said. However, it's clearly betting that the years spent treating and studying addiction will pay off if they lead to more effective technological solutions.