IGTV is coming to your Instagram feed whether you like it or not

"Literally nobody asked for this."

Watch much Instagram TV lately? Yeah, I didn't think so. That's not stopping Instagram from continuing to shove the little-loved feature down our throats, though. In a tweet today, the company revealed that IGTV clips from accounts you follow will start showing up in your feed. Based on the preview video Instagram shared, it looks like it'll just be a preview in your feed that people can then tap if they want to see the full video.

Sadly, this marks yet another piece of content invading the Instagram feed that no one is really asking for. We're already inundated with ads, suggested hashtags, Stories and other various nonsense distracting from seeing pictures posted by people we care about. But in less than a year, IGTV has moved over from a separate app to showing up in Instagram's most prime real estate -- if you were hoping that the company would just give this initiative a rest, it looks like that's not happening any time soon.