Qobuz's hi-res music streaming service comes to the US

It puts quality over quantity.

Another music-streaming service has entered the game. French company Qobuz (pronounced ko-buzz) has announced it's now available in the US and plans to take on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music by focusing on sound quality, making hi-res streaming available to everyone without the need for proprietary gear.

Its four plans range from $10 a month for 320 kbps MP3 quality streaming (the premium package) up to $300 a year for full hi-res streaming and discounts from the hi-res download store (the Sublime+ plan). The company's focus on quality means its catalog -- against the likes of Spotify -- is comparatively smaller, but is nonetheless more extensive than Tidal Masters, which is also aimed at audiophiles.

How Qobuz will perform in an increasingly crowded market is up for debate. Tidal has struggled to find its footing after early instability, while Spotify -- arguably one of the most popular services -- is only now turning a profit. In a world where music has become such an everyday consumable, making quality win out over quantity is going to be a challenge.