PowerUp Toys is motorizing more paper vehicles

The PowerUp 4.0, PowerUp Racers and OKO Multi View will be available later this year.

PowerUp Toys, the makers of a smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit, is at Toy Fair 2019 with three new gizmos to occupy your free time. The company has an updated version of its popular plane kit with dual propellers, a new motorization kit that can power other origami vehicles and an accessory that can turn a smartphone into augmented reality goggles.

PowerUp Toys' flagship device is the PowerUp paper airplane kit, and it's been reimagined for its fourth iteration. Version 4.0 of the motorization kit features two propellers, providing additional power and maneuverability for your flights. The kit connects with a mobile app via Bluetooth to offer you control. It now features an autopilot feature, enabled by new onboard sensors that collect real-time flight data, that helps to stabilize your craft in windy conditions. The latest version of PowerUp will be available this fall for $59.99.

PowerUp Toys PowerUp Racers

If flight isn't your thing, PowerUp Toys has a new motor kit that offers some more flexibility. PowerUp Racers allows you to attach a motor to an origami car, boat or airplane and take control. The pack of tools includes a clip-on propulsion motor, three different folding templates to create a vehicle, wheels and fastening clips to complete the vehicle of your choice. PowerUp Racers will also drop this fall for $24.99.

With the OKO Multi View, PowerUp Toys is leaving motors behind entirely and entering the world of augmented reality. The accessory lets you house your phone in a headset that turns your device into AR goggles. You'll be able to use your phone as a set of binoculars, seeing beyond what a standard phone could see. It also lets you quickly capture a photo or video of what you're looking at without removing your phone from the goggles. OKO Multi View will be available this spring for $29.99.