Anti-vaxxers are the newest threat in 'Plague Inc.'

The terrifying scenario will be added thanks to an internet petition.

Never underestimate the power of a viral petition -- and in this case we mean that quite literally. Strategy game Plague Inc., which sees players do their best to wipe out the world with infectious disease, is going to be given an anti-vaxxer scenario after its developers challenged fans to get a petition past 10,000 signatures. At the time of writing, the total had blown past 20,000.

It's not clear yet exactly how the controversial anti-vax movement will be incorporated into the game. Ndemic Creations says it's going to start "figuring out anti-vaxxers soon," adding that their mascot Neurie is "dying to try and get inside their heads." One thing's for sure, though -- it'll make the Plague Inc. world a much more interesting place to annihilate with your deadly creations.